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Ultrahuman is a unique interplay of hardware and software that seamlessly monitors important biomarkers in your body.
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We work with our partners in different sectors like Gyms, Sports, Wellness Clinics, Hospitals, and Insurance partners to help create a positive impact in our users' life.
Cyborg CGM Sensor

A sensor to track the glucose levels

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tiny device that sits on the back of your arm measuring your glucose continuously.
Continuous tracking for 14 days
Completely painless

An app to connect the dots

The app is your intelligent metabolic coach. By studying your food and exercise, the Ultrahuman app can show you how your fitness and dietary choices affect your metabolism and give you ways to improve your health. Find the right food with a Food Score and enhance athletic performance with Activity Fueling Score.
Cyborg CGM Sensor

A dashboard for the body

While the user gets an easy to use mobile app to track live glucose data, you as a doctor or a coach will get access to a comprehensive dashboard. This gives you charts and reports for multiple metrics and a hollistic view of your user's health.

Backed by the best

Our medical and sports advisory board

Ultrahuman products are designed in consultation with our medical and advisory board from across the globe in strict adherence to global standards and best practices.

Prof. Hans-Peter Kubis

Senior Lecturer in Physiology at the Bangor University, UK

Dr. Howard Luks

Board-Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, specializes in sports medicine

Dr. Phil Ovadia

Board-Certified Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Founder of Ovadia Heart Health

Joel Goldsmith

Ex-Senior Director, Abbott

Ultrahuman M1 Live, by tracking glucose levels, gives you a portal into your body.

Rated 4.6 stars from 25000+ subscribers

The Ultrahuman Cyborg experience
Ultrahuman M1 gave me a complete insight the impact every food has to my body. Did not follow any fancy diet, yet managed to educate myself around food, and built a sustainable & healthy lifestyle.
Atif Hasan
Repeat purchase
Amazing product
I had got this just for a trial basis but then it is so good, my whole family of six wear it. I love how the software is soo good in analysis and in giving knowledge on what’s going on in our body.
War of the Lords
Verified purchase
Amazing product - mind-blowing insights
The sensor and supporting app gives one amazing insight on how one’s body reacts to food intake and how best to manage health. Highly recommend the experience!
Pushpak (PD)
Verified purchase
Proud to Be Cyborg
Generally I never review however here would like to congratulate the #Ultrahuman team for this app and insight on health management. Rated 5 star as everything is awesome from onboarding, sensor delivery, app UI, activity classes, customer service, etc. Thanks !
Verified purchase
Absolutely Amazing! Its an integrated part of my body!
Ultrahuman sensors are easy to wear and very effective in diet control. It helps me track my calorie intake and allows me to be in absolute control of my sugar!Highly recommended for people trying to control there sugar and maintain optimal body weight.
Verified purchase
I am pre diabetic
With this I get to know what food is having adverse effect on my sugar levels and which type of food keeps my sugar in range !I have made 3 more family members buy it and we are all very grateful for this technology
Repeat purchase
M1 Live experience
Streaming to my phone in real time my glucose level with insights on my food, excercise and sleep in turn helping me with small and manageable adjustments to optimize my life.This device has done what meal plans and diets have failed to do, make me better without all the restrictions.
Anwar Shai
Repeat purchase
Brilliant app
The concept of using CGM to guide your training and food plan is brilliant. The app is also very well laid out.
Repeat purchase
The API for your body
What an amazing app experience and deep insights into how your body works. This truly goes out to show how each body is different and how nutrition can have an impact on us.Strongly recommend trying it at least once. Your life will never be the same!
Aiken Crux 99
Verified purchase


How long does the sensor last? Is it reusable?

Each sensor lasts for 14 days. And they’re not reusable. Each sensor can be used only once, for a 14-day stint, after which you may replace it with a fresh one.

Does it hurt while putting on the sensor?

Not more than an ant bite. It's normal to feel some sensation during the first day or so, as you are getting used to the sensor. If you feel pain or discomfort, contact the Ultrahuman team through our in-app troubleshoot chat option. We can help you decide if you need to remove the sensor altogether and re-apply a fresh one. 

Can I take the sensor off every night?

Nope! Once applied, the sensor should not be taken off for the 14-day period unless you experience any pain or discomfort.

Can I wear my sensor while bathing, swimming, or surfing?

Yes, yes, and yes! Your glucose sensor is water-resistant for up to 30 minutes and in depths up to 1 meter (3 feet). So you can shower, swim, and surf while wearing your sensor.

Can the sensor hold up against all skin types?

Yes, the sensor is compatible with all skin types. The patch used to cover the sensor is water/sweat resistant. So, the sensor stays intact. Therefore it is recommended to have a patch on at all times.
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Disclaimer: This program aims to help our users understand the impact and correlation of different lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress. If the participants have any medical concern, any information shared here will be verified with their doctor/ medical practitioner first. Ultrahuman shall not be liable for any complications arising in such cases).
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